Kitty Hilton: friend, fundraiser, fabulous human being

We were immensely saddened to hear of the passing of our great friend Kitty Hilton. We have been close to Kitty these last few months, and while we knew that bad news was coming that did nothing to lessen the huge sense of loss.

Kitty was a true friend and an inspirational member of the Resource Alliance family for so many years. She served as a board member, advisory panel member, the chair of last year’s first ever IFC Asia…so many roles where she shared her sparkle and expertise with boundless generosity and wisdom.

Thousands of fundraisers worldwide have been inspired, directly and indirectly, by Kitty’s energy and leadership. As we are gathered now in Bangkok for the IFC Asia that Kitty helped to create, we remember her with profound fondness and respect, and we send our deep condolences to her friends and family.