Donor needs in action: Inspiring mid-level donors by doing more

Mid-value donor programs are the backbone of our annual giving programmes, yet we are still not managing them in a truly donor-centered way. Through in-depth donor-needs research undertaken over the last 20 years, we have determined that meeting the needs of mid-value donors means changing our approach and strategies to give more to this vital donor group. Through case studies showing how tactics – and outcomes! – have changed, participants will see how the latest insights are driving strategies that inspire donors to do more for your organisation. We will also present an in-depth case study of one Canadian hospital that has changed the way it engages mid-level donors, and grown the programme by 50%!!! We will also provide participants with a practical guide of tactics that will enable them to think differently about their own programmes and change the donor experience (and outcomes) for their organisation.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how to identify mid-value donors within your programme
  • Understand how donor needs research is changing the ways we fundraise with high-value donor files
  • See firsthand through case studies what’s possible in mid-value giving
  • Apply our six-step process for developing your own mid-level giving programme

Who should attend:

  • Any annual giving fundraiser who has the responsibility to grow mid-level giving
  • Organisational leaders who want to see major growth in mid-value

Session style: 

  • Case studies and examples
  • Small group identification of tactics and opportunities
  • Strategy development for application of mid-value tactics for fundraisers’ own programmes