Multi-generational philanthropy

2019 Bursary

Multi-generational philanthropy

What are you doing with the nine decades in your database?

Established organisations may have active or lapsed donors from as many as nine decades in their databases. How well do you know them? And how are you engaging them? Even if you only have donors spanning, say, four decades, do a 22-year-old and a 67-year-old respond to the same appeal? The world of philanthropy has changed, and with it people’s understanding of and reasons for giving.

Multi-generational and cross-cultural giving and engagement is the major opportunity we have in the years ahead. It is a fiercely exciting time! If we recognise this opportunity, we can broaden our constituency and involve people as never before. We have to understand what motivates people whose age, heritage, or experience may be different to our own, or to those of the people we think we’re trying to engage. We must adjust our strategies to focus on those for whom philanthropy may be a totally new idea.

Our challenge is our opportunity: this masterclass will explore the landscape being revealed globally and help you identify, understand, engage, and retain these new philanthropic participants in your countries. We will explore who they are, what we know and can learn about them, and how to message our opportunities for engagement so they become our partners in creating a better world.