Dr Satyendra K Srivastava (India)

Founder, The Indian Stammering Association (TISA)

Dr Satyendra K Srivastava is a medical doctor with a broad experience in rural development and volunteer counselling. He heads the team of SMTA, a voluntary agency which is working in the Chakrata region of the Indian Himalayas on a wide range of social development issues (watershed, CBOs, human resource development, water and sanitation, environment, non-conventional energy, education, gender and culture). SMTA followed the course on local fundraising at Change the Game Academy. Based on that learning the team embarked on a crowdfunding appeal on Milaap.org for SMTA Niketan, the only non-profit primary school and community centre serving about fifty small Himalayan villages, a stretch of about 50 km in the district Dehradun. He will share why they chose to fundraise digitally, the challenges the children and the school face, how the campaign went and what they learned. Dr Satyendra is the founder of the Indian Stammer Association (TISA) and former executive director of the Himalaya Trust.

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