Alex Wilson (USA)

Cofounder, The Giving Block

Alex is one of the cofounders of The Giving Block, a leader in crypto philanthropy, making cryptocurrency fundraising easy for nonprofits while empowering donors to give cryptocurrencies to their favourite causes. Prior to founding The Giving Block in 2018, Alex was established as a leading crypto fundraising expert through the explosive growth of programmes implemented at Save the Children and United Way Worldwide.

Over the last four years, The Giving Block has helped turn cryptocurrency into the fastest growing donation method, founding the industry’s giving pledge Crypto Giving Tuesday, relevant giving days, and its crowdfunding platform. Today, Alex, his cofounder Pat, and The Giving Block team are honoured to be building crypto philanthropy programs for hundreds of nonprofits and raising millions every month. Alex and Pat have also spoken together at numerous industry events, including TruffleCon 2020 and REIMAGINE 2020, and appeared on The Heart of Giving Podcast. Alex and Pat featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2021 in the impact category.