Cherisse Faith Beh (Singapore)

Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

A former journalist and creative head, Cherisse now puts the skills she has picked up over the years in encouraging people to give back, transforming intent into action – to create a society that is driven by compassion and empowerment to nurture a City of Good.

She also leads Giving Week, which is part of the global Giving Tuesday Movement. In Singapore, it is a week-long celebration of the spirit of giving, where brands, non-profits and people give and share their time, talent, treasure and voice to support any cause or issue they are passionate about in all ways big and small.

In addition, she is also involved in other NVPC’s key initiatives such as Company of Good, Colabs, SG Cares, Center for Non-Profit Leadership – which aim to enhance both the capability and capacity of non-profits and corporates in the giving space.

Creative yet rational, she is a realistic idealist who finds inspiration in the everyday.

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