Gary Shipsey 2019

Gary Shipsey (UK)

Founder and Managing Director, Protecture Limited

Gary started his career implementing information governance and protecting data privacy when phones were not smart and Google was just another fledgling search engine.

With over 15 years of practical experience turning information law into practice, Gary started Protecture in 2013.

Protecture now supports over 120 UK-based charities and not-for-profit organisations.

The UK Fundraising Regulator sought Gary’s expertise to co-author their “Personal Information and Fundraising: Consent, Purpose and Transparency” guidance in the wake of the fundraising “scandals” and reform of UK fundraising governance in 2017.

He regularly speaks and advises on all things GDPR, data protection and privacy related. Gary and the team at Protecture use their knowledge and experience to guide organisations through their data protection journey, offering consultancy, advice, training and data protection as a service.

With a sound educational background (BA (Hons); BCS Practitioner Certification in the Data Protection Act, Information Risk Management and Freedom of Information Act; Chair of the Third Sector Group of the Information and Records Management Society) Gary has always believed in winning hearts and minds. Making a dry topic lively by turning vague principles and legalese into practical questions is key.

This approach enables informed, risk-based decisions so the business of the organisation can continue and even flourish whilst working in a compliant way.