Jacqui Howard (UK)

Programmes Director, Mobilisation Lab

Jacqui is a campaigns and organisational leader, strategist, and trainer with over a decade of experience working for social, economic, and environmental justice. She cultivates collaborative, integrated, and learning organisations that can win people-powered change in the modern era by ensuring that culture, systems, strategies, and tactics are fit for purpose, effective, and aligned. Over the past decade, she’s delivered this for civil society and economic organisations across the UK and internationally in Germany and Tanzania.

She worked previously with organisations such as Compass, the RSA, and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and has an MSci in International Development from the University of London. Currently, she is the Programmes Director at Mobilisation Lab, a Trustee for the Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC), and a member of NEON’s Framing the Economy network. Her first port of call is always to address the strategy and underlying approach of a campaign or organisation, followed by a rigorous delivery, enabling fast, adaptive, and mission driven work that gets results. Because she’s interested in structural change, Jacqui works to build capacity and change that lasts beyond just individual campaigns or moments. 


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