Joy Morozov

Founder, Convert with Joy

After 20 years’ experience in generating income in leading for-profit and nonprofit organisations, Joy Morozov decided to make it her life’s mission to guide grant-seekers on how to identify and build impactful partnerships with grant-makers. Joy passionately follows philanthropic developments and is a true believer in collaboration as a uniting force to drive change.

Joy was recognised as Employee of the Quarter at Thomson Reuters and as a high performer at The Economist Group. Joy launched the UK chapter of Light for the World, an international disability and development nonprofit at London’s House of Lords. During her tenure at Light for the World, Joy played a key role in forging partnerships with UK, US, French-speaking, and Swiss grant-makers, enabling the nonprofit to deliver comprehensive programmes that promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Joy Morozov is a Lebanese/British multilingual practitioner who has lived in Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Geneva, Zurich, London, and Vienna. Joy loves new challenges and raising her two third culture kids.