Katy Grennier (Thailand)

CEO, DSIL Global
Katy Grennier is the CEO of DSIL Global (Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership), a bold innovation company that builds the capacity people inside of organisations need so that they can build meaningful innovation together. Katy was a keynote speaker in 2018 at IFC Asia and Holland, and got us to think about what our future could look like if we all took collaboration more seriously. Her work is grounded in teaching practical and simple social technologies that break us from old habits. Katy works with organisations like Microsoft, MIT, and multiple sectors of the UN to facilitate processes with highly diverse groups, experiences, and languages to create a richer understanding of the challenges they face. From here, they create new paths for what’s possible. As a Berkeley certified Executive Coach coaching over 200 leaders, an esteemed Rotary Peace Fellow, and a successful entrepreneur that started her young career as an NGO Director, Katy teaches in experiential ways and brings 15 years of experience and stories into every room. At this year’s IFC you can find out more about the work her teams drive and the Liberating Structures Summit she led that sold out this year with 300+ attendees. 


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