Kirsi Mettala 2019

Kirsi Mettällä (Finland) 

Director of Marketing & Fundraising, Plan International

Kirsi is a senior executive with over 30 years of experience in marketing and fundraising, almost 10 of which have been focused on the non-profit community. With a proven track record of leadership and marketing success, her career includes positions as Managing Director and New Business Director in multiple leading advertising agencies in Finland. She has been working with extensive expert networks, business strategists, analysts, communications experts, content creators, producers, and human insight specialists.

Kirsi started with Plan as a Fundraising Director in 2008, focusing on global fundraising development for the past two years. The move to the non-profit sector has brought a broad experience in fundraising, now helping the organisation evolve its business model for greater integration and greater financial impact.

She has been active within the industry, being a board member of several working groups in the Finnish Fundraising Association, VALA. She has also collaborated with Resource Alliance, volunteering as a member of the Advisory Panel at IFC a number of years ago.

She is also currently teaching fundraising, including new business models, loyalty, and brand development in Helsinki in a Fundraising Training Programme, which was recently granted certification by EFA (European Fundraising Association).


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