Krizna Gomez (Phillipines)

Foresight and Impact Strategist

A foresight practitioner and trained as a human rights lawyer, Kriz has been working with NGOs around the world to help magnify their impact and innovative thinking. She started as a grassroots organizer in Philippine provinces dealing with extralegal killings and disappearances, and also taught international criminal law and gender studies. In 2013, she was granted a Presidential Fellowship at Open Society Foundations (New York), focusing on donor policies affecting the security of their grantees. She later worked at Dejusticia, a think-do tank in Colombia, leading their research and advocacy on civil society space with a focus on the Global South. She recently served as Director of Programs and lead facilitator at JustLabs, a global innovation space for social change actors. She now works as a consultant, using design thinking, foresight, systems thinking and other methods normally not employed in the social change field to help partners tackle long-standing problems with a fresh perspective, and opening them up through working with experts from other disciplines such as neuroscience, tech, marketing and design. She has an LL.M. with a concentration in international human rights law from Harvard, and a BA Political Science and Juris Doctor from Ateneo in the Philippines.

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