LaNae McMillan

LaNae McMillan

Senior Foundations Relations Officer at Greenpeace USA

LaNae is the Senior Foundations Relations Officer at Greenpeace USA, managing domestic grants and partnerships with organisations across the United States. She is proud to work at an organisation that fights for the betterment of our oceans, forests, climate, and right to democracy.

LaNae holds a degree in Social and Public Policy from Georgetown University, which has led her to fundraise for causes close to her heart – beginning with education at American University and the arts at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. In between work for these well known non-profit organisations in Washington D.C., LaNae had a brief stint in the corporate financial sector, before joining the Greenpeace team. Her background in various non-profit causes brings a new perspective to Greenpeace, and she is thrilled to join the mission of the organisation at such a critical time.

Attending IFC 2019 and representing Greenpeace USA is an incredible honour. Carolina’s memory is so treasured at Greenpeace, and being able to continue her legacy and develop my skills as a fundraiser while embracing new perspectives and challenging my thinking at IFC 2019 is an opportunity of a lifetime