Lushandry Kock

Programme Manager for Buffalo City Sports Academy, South Africa
Lushandry has worked for Buffalo City Sports Academy for just over a year, as programme manager. The Buffalo City Sports Academy works with young people from the ages of 9 to 21 to provide a healthier lifestyle through football and hockey, and ensuring they have a good understanding of the negative impact of alcohol and drug abuse.
“I am truly thankful for the opportunity I received to attend the IFC pop that was held in Cape Town. The sessions really allowed me to view tools and approaches differently. I think sometimes when you have not been exposed to different strategies your mind cannot fathom that they will ever work, regardless of how simple it truly is. I enjoyed the “develop your story telling super powers for good” workshop hosted by ML Lalonde. It made me so excited to come back to our organisation and embrace more story telling. I previously hadn’t thought of it as a way to help us with funding, but can now see this as a way of attracting those who do have interest in what we do.”