Margaret Rose (Trinidad & Tobago)

Founder, U-Solve SELE

Margaret Rose is a lawyer, anti-corruption and transparency advocate, and a serial social entrepreneur driven to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges through policy, innovation and empathy. Currently pursuing her doctorate in International Public Procurement Policy & Research at the University of Bath, UK, Margaret has founded serial initiatives geared toward empowering citizens to become more effective in their engagement in public governance and guardians of the public interest in Trinidad and Tobago and the UK, including the Caribbean Procurement Institute, a specialist provider of public procurement law education, professional capacity building
and consulting services to governments and public sector bodies, and its successor Procurement Innovation & Leadership Lab UK, which aims to help public sector bodies to design and implement innovative, data-driven procurement policy for inclusion and SDG impact.

In 2014 Margaret won the Global Social Entrepreneurship Initiative awarded by Transparency International (TI) and the International AntiCorruption Conference (IACC) for developing the innovative civic technology platform Disclosure Today, which is a social governance network connecting citizen activists with pro bono lawyers and digitizing legally compliant freedom of information requests.

In 2016, Margaret founded U-Solve School of Empathic Leadership & Entrepreneurship, an entrepreneurial eco-system builder to address global challenges and which is currently pioneering research on “Empathic Anger” and Impact Measurement for SDG Readability. Margaret’s work in U-Solve centers around building the capacity of social impact entrepreneurs for personal resilience and to design, structure and lead multi-sectoral partnerships for social change.

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