Mark Kosmo (USA)

Chair of Global Albanians Foundation

Diverse professional background that has seen me evolve from being a technocrat Washington DC international economist who worked in Europe, Africa, and Asia into one of the more active leaders in the Albanian-American community and the Albanian Diaspora. I am a Boston boy with Albanian blood and a global disposition and orientation — these are the three cores of my identity.

I sometimes describe myself as a “born again” Albanian since I did not begin to learn Albanian until I lived in Albania during the 1990s (I am American above the neck, and Albanian below it). These days I am trying to promote economic and social development in Albania, Kosova, and other countries in the region where Albanians live through better and more organized engagement of the increasingly sophisticated and successful Albanian Diaspora.

I guess my strength is that I can get along with and work with all types of people at different levels in different settings and achieve results and have fun doing so. My weakness is probably that not everyone takes me seriously since I do not care too much about dressing up, image, perceptions, prestige, awards, and all the other things that are generally a waste of time if one is trying to actually accomplish something.