Nick Scott (UK)

Head of Partnerships, War Child UK

Over the course of a 12-year fundraising career, Nick has been directly involved in raising over £28m and has worked in a range of roles including corporate partnerships, challenge events, community events and face-to-face. Since joining War Child in 2015, the video games industry has been highlighted as an area of strategic growth. Nick has overseen the scale up of the Gaming Partnerships division to become a £1m team, with several activations including Armistice, an award-winning campaign asking developers to pacify their games. Nick is now seeking to adapt some of the business practices that have been successfully employed by the War Child Gaming Partnerships team to engage with other commercial sectors. 


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The brave new world of videogames and livestreamer fundraising: Are you engaging with online streamers or videogamers as a potential route for generating income? If not, why not?


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Videogames and livestreaming: An interactive workshop about interactive entertainment