Njambi Wagacha (Kenya)

Regional Hub Manager at Innovation for Change (I4C) - Africa Hub

I am providing strategic guidance and governance, promoting Africa’s network growth and ensuring the successful implementation of all the projects and programs undertaken by the Innovation for Change (I4C) – Africa Hub with regards to the expansion of civic space on the continent. Launched in 2017, the Africa Hub has been working to strengthen the capacity of civil society through promoting home-grown African solutions to problems and uniting civil society, HRDs & activists to create a common voice across the continent, bringing all of Africa together to fight for an open operating environment. We co-create solutions and partnerships across the continent to put into practice innovations that build resilient CSOs which can protect, respond, strengthen, expand and recover civil society space across the region. We work on building the capacity of CSOs and alliances through regional campaigns around good governance, transparency, and accountability. We want to create sustainable social change across the continent through networking with like-minded organisations equally inspired by innovative approaches, committed to the exchange of ideas, driven by collaboration, and determined to connect, partner and learn together.