Olumide (Mide) Akerewusi

Founder & CEO, AgentsC Inc.

Olumide (Mide) Akerewusi is a social justice advocate and certified Corporate Social Responsibility Practitioner, born and raised in the UK to Nigerian parents and now living in Toronto, Canada.

A professional fundraiser and philanthropy adviser in the UK and Canada, he is also the founder and CEO of AgentsC Inc., an international B-Corp-certified full-service consulting agency. AgentsC offers person-centred fundraising, philanthropy, research, evaluation, and change management solutions to socially and environmentally conscious organisations in Canada and around the world.

Mide is a co-author of the award winning book Collecting Courage, an anthology of perspectives shared by 14 Black fundraisers in North America. Mide is also the lead researcher for the seminal research report The Duality of Giving: Contemporary Perspectives on Formalized African Philanthropy, a detailed study into how African people embrace philanthropic customs and traditions.

Mide serves as board member of 100 Strong, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to mentoring young Black men through Black male mentors. He is host and convenor of both the Giving Black Conference and the Giving Black Podcast, where he invites unique perspectives on Black philanthropy. Mide also serves as a TELUS community board member in Toronto with responsibility for granting more than $1 million to community-based organisations. As a Council Member of the McMaster University Future of Canada Project, Mide contributes to important conversations about building a stronger and more equitable and prosperous Canada.