Pushpa Aman Singh (India)

Founder and CEO, GuideStar India

Pushpa founded GuideStar India (www.guidestarindia.org) in 2009, after 18 years of scaling innovative organisations, including a decade of experience in the financial services sector. She works tirelessly with NGOs to embrace transparency and enhance their capacity to access philanthropic resources. Having vetted more than 6,000 NGOs, Pushpa brings rare insights into India’s complex and diverse NGO sector. Pushpa has conducted numerous multilingual NGO workshops across India, explaining in simple and practical terms the why, what and how of legal compliance and financial transparency. She advised the Charity Commissioner of Maharashtra for digitisation and online administration of charities. Earlier, Pushpa was the COO of GiveIndia, supporting the scaling up of NGOs on India’s first online giving portal. Pushpa is on the Advisory Council of GuideStar US and CII’s Advisory Group & Task Force for its india@75 initiative, Probono Unplugged. She is an MBA Gold Medalist and a Senior Global Fellow of the Synergos Institute, NY.

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