Rupali Babu (India)

Head of Major Donors, Amnesty India

Rupali grew up in India on naval bases and considers herself a naval brat. At 20, she set off for the distant shores of Canada in pursuit of educational excellence in business and finance. Armed with a BBA (Trent University, liberal arts school) and an MBA (Carleton University, school for suits), she followed a traditional pathway of working in banking and finance, considering herself to be a serial banker. After nearly 12 years of a successful track record, she returned to India and suddenly found the world was quite literally her oyster.

She accidentally fell into major donor fundraising and has never looked back. Though like many a fundraiser there are days when she wonders what possessed her to move into this role. She enjoys setting up successful major donor fundraising verticals in organisations, especially in challenging markets and for contentious causes. In the recent years, being the busybody that she is, Rupali has started to dabble with organisational development and feels that major donor fundraisers can play a much bigger role.

In her spare time she loves experimenting with cuisines, travel with her husband and giving unsolicited fashion advice.

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