Samukelisiwe Uys

Alpha South Africa Equipping Team Leader, South Africa

In her role, Sam helps Church leaders to create a space where people from all backgrounds can have honest conversations about life, faith and meaning, in a safe environment, with no fear of being judged. She loves listening to men and women who are leaders in various communities as they talk about some of the challenges that they face and how she gets to play a role in helping them to overcome some of those challenges and reaching solutions.

Environmental and conservation education is one of the areas that is close to her heart. Sam believes that with more efforts to educate young people and people in general about the importance of preserving our environment and the impacts of pollution, a lot could change, especially in our country. In 2011 she was able to secure a sponsor to take 3 learners from a disadvantaged school in Kwa-Zulu Natal to the Oceanside Green Week in California which included a series of events designed to promote and build a green community.

“Receiving the bursary inspired me to believe that I can do more. It was a privilege to be able to learn new ways to break norms, find ways to simplify what we are already doing in interesting and relevant ways. Attending the IFC Pop Up in South Africa has gently reminded me why I chose to work in a social impact industry and has reminded me that what I do is not for myself but for the love of humankind.”