Vikas Kataria (India)

Director Resource Mobilisation, WaterAid India

A seasoned professional with over two decades of experience, Vikas Kataria has been part of WaterAid India’s senior management team for over four years and is responsible for the organisation’s financial resources. Prior to WaterAid, Vikas was the executive director for fundraising, marketing, and communications at CARE India, and also worked with HelpAge India as director for strategic alliances and partnerships for corporate social responsibility.

Prior to his move to the non-profit sector, Vikas worked with Citibank NA, leading niche industry business development initiatives as the organisation’s vice president. He has also served with General Motors Acceptance Corporation, where his work on development side included strategic projects with an emphasis on inclusivity, sustainability, and scalability. Vikas is a double postgraduate, holding qualifications in management with business economics, as well as in psychology. He is also an IICA-certified CSR professional, a trained social broker, and a member of the Institute of Directors in India. In his free time, Vikas enjoys reading and is a keen golfer.