Burkhard Gnärig (Portugal)

Co-Founder, FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders

From being a conscientious objector in cold war Germany to driving the creation of the Civic Charter, Burkhard Gnärig has been a civil society activist and manager for over four decades.

Burkhard has been CEO of Terre des Hommes Germany, Greenpeace Germany, and Save the Children International.

In 2007, Burkhard founded the International Civil Society Centre and has been its Executive Director until March 2018. Burkhard has been board chair or board member of organisations in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, India, Korea, and Japan.

In 2015 Burkhard published “The Hedgehog and the Beetle”, a book on disruption and innovation in the civil society sector.

Today, Burkhard works for citizen participation and gender justice. He is the co-founder of FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders, a campaign launched on International Women’s Day 2019 aiming to increase the number of women leaders in civil society organisations.

With his company TransformationLead, Burkhard provides advice on transformational leadership, governance, and management. 


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