Christopher Carnie (Spain)

Founder and Director, Factary

A fundraiser, researcher, and specialist in philanthropy, Chris teaches fundraising at the University of Barcelona, consults on “major donors” with international NGOs, and, as a day job, manages the philanthropists’ programme at Pallapupas, the Barcelona-based healthcare clown organisation. He is the author of three books on fundraising and philanthropy, including How Philanthropy is Changing in Europe, the 2017 book that tracks the dramatic changes in the ways that people of wealth give and invest in social purpose organisations. Chris works day to day with philanthropists, family offices, and private bankers, helping them and their clients to develop new reasons for giving to Pallapupas, a mid-size NGO with just under €1m in income. His second year with the organisation (2018) saw an 80% increase in giving by major donors, with more than €350,000 raised from donors. 


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