Maia Kahlke Lorentzen

Founder, Bonobo Radical Collective

Maia is a Copenhagen based consultant working with the non-profit sector to improve their engagement, mobilisation and integrated fundraising. Previously she has worked for Greenpeace International as a campaign strategist for the Save the Arctic campaign and as the Head of First Engagement. She took her babysteps in fundraising at Amnesty International Denmark, where she worked with lead generation, digital mobilisation, mobile fundraising and social media.
Her areas of expertise are integrated fundraising, lead generation, digital mobilisation, organising, digital fundraising and mobile fundraising.

Maia is also a human rights and tech-activist. She is the initiator and organisor of a host of projects on gender equality and tech-literacy, amongst those the tech-rights initiative DO:TOPIA, wikipedia-edit-a-thons and the creative activist network Renegade Runners.