Petch Manopawitr

Thailand Programme Coordinator, The International Union for Conservation of Nature

Petch Manopawitr has over 17 years’ experience in the fields of wildlife conservation, protected area management and biodiversity research. Having worked for several national and international Conservation NGOs, he has overseen a diverse conservation programme and coordinated biodiversity conservation projects with local and international experts in both terrestrial and marine environment. During his years as Conservation Programme Manager for WWF Thailand, Deputy Director for WCS and Thailand Program and Vice-Chairman for Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, he has written and compiled a number of training manuals, reports and books concerning biodiversity conservation, biodiversity monitoring, wildlife research techniques and environmental education. He also played a leading role in developing site-based conservation strategies and endangered species action plans, in close collaboration with relevant government agencies. His current doctorate research at the University of Victoria in Canada is focusing on the development of resilient Marine Protected Area networks and climate change impacts in the Andaman Sea.